Thursday, 16 March 2017

Answers to Questions about Your Personal Injury Case

In a personal injury case, it is important to understand the role of different parties in making your claims successful.

Q: What am I supposed to do immediately after an accident?
The law requires an injured person to “mitigate damage” that is get healed before starting on legal procedures. find us lawyers

Q: What is the role of my lawyer?
Your lawyer should start investigations into your claims by reviewing:
•    Witness statements
•    Police reports
•    A possible visit to the scene of the incident
•    A review of appropriate laws
•    A review of all medical reports

Q: What is the payment for my lawyer and what is a contingent fee?
In most cases, the lawyer’s fee is a percentage of what you get as settlement for your injuries. This is called a contingent fee. You will agree on the percentage and put it into a written contract.

Q: Can I convince the insurance about my claim?
You should prove your injuries through medical reports, police report, wage information from your employer and any other document or evidence from a credible authority.

Q: How fast will my case settle?
Many cases settle within months when there is clear evidence that you were wronged. The other party will try to settle before heading to court for a full trial. When the evidence is disputed, it is hard to predict when a case in a full trial will end.

Q: How much will I get?
The amount you will get as compensation is hard to predict as it depends on the clarity of your evidence and the decision of the jury or the judge. Some factors influence this decision:
•    How much you have spent on all of your medical bills.
•    How much income and other employment benefits were lost as a result of your injury.
•    Whether or not any aspect of your injuries is permanent. This would also include permanent disfigurement such as scars, blemishes, and other disfigurement characteristics.

Q: how long does it take to get my money after the insurance company settles?
If your lawyer and the insurance company agree to settle out of court it takes two to six weeks to complete the settlement. This involves signing all documents; write the cheque and your lawyer taking his fees. This takes an average of 1 month.

Q: What happens before I get my dues from the settlement?
The insurance will require you or your next of kin to sign a release saying you agree to the settlement. This blocks you from making any follow-up claims. Your lawyer will pay any unpaid medical bills and reimburse the insurance company what it has paid as medical bills.  Your lawyer will then deduct his fees and any other costs. The balance will be given to you as a check or bank deposit. 

Q: What can make my case go to full court trial?
•    If the insurance company thinks you are asking more than you should get and is not willing to settle.
•    If the insurance company disputes that the other party was at fault and that you were at fault and responsible for your injuries.
•    If the insurance company disputes your injury claims or thinks you are exaggerating the extent of the injuries.Accident from A Driver Going the Wrong Way on A One Way

Q: Where can I get a free claim evaluation for my claim?
Most orange county personal injury attorney will do a free claim evaluation. Look for an attorney who is familiar with negligence law.

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